Support Us

We would love your support in doing this work.

We want to work with diverse communities, people who can’t often afford to attend workshops, communities and grassroots groups who don’t have funding to pay for external support. We want to offer everything we do on a free at the point of access / gift economy basis so money is not a barrier.

And we want to connect with and listen to people who often feel marginalised, excluded or alienated in this kind of work.

Can you help us do more of this work with people who want support?

Can you fund places for people without access to work or resources, including people seeking asylum and from other marginalised groups?

Can you help spread the word to organisations that want support?

We also have a longer term vision to co-create a community retreat space to enable individuals and organisations to step outside of their usual routines and be supported, with more space and time and nourishing conditions to go deeper. If you want to help make this happen, get in touch for information.