Our Values

These values are core to our way of living, and our intention is that they guide every space and workshop we create…

Radical acceptance – We are totally committed to meeting ourselves and each other where we are, with love. We will not fall back to concepts of right and wrong in order to be safe. There are other ways to meet all of our needs.

Diversity and inclusion – We thrive in diverse groups. We welcome everyone, AND we need to go way beyond that – intentionally creating spaces that work for people with different needs and experiences, consciously re-centring experiences that the dominant paradigm doesn’t, raising awareness of our unconscious bias including white privilege, collaborating with people across lines of gender, race, age, physical challenge, neurodiversity, class, language, sexuality and more.

Self inquiry – Whatever triggers strong reactions and resistance in us is about us, our stories, our fixed views, our history, our expectations. We support each other to see what’s being shown to us, the mirror, where we can break through our own limitations and find freedom.

Togetherness – This way of being requires capacity, curiosity, courage and loads of compassion. We don’t need to do it alone, we can lean on each other for support, we can ask for what we want, we can help each other see what we are missing, help each other break through when we are stuck.

Clear intentions – With this freedom comes responsibility – the ability to respond, fresh, clear, in full acceptance of the reality that is here. We want to speak, act and ask for what we want with awareness of our intentions. And when we aren’t clear, we can explore that too, together.

Non attachment – To fully embrace this way of being requires an openness to what emerges, to seeing what we have not already seen, to become something we haven’t been before. We invite trust in the process, to let go of fixing on a specific outcome, to allow what needs to happen to unfold.

Choice – We have agency over our lives. Only we can know what is right for us, our unique expression, our path. We want you to know you have full choice over what you choose to do and not do when you are in a space with us. We create agreements together to care for each other while being in choice.

Humility – We LOVE challenge, feedback, the gift of telling us what you are seeing, support to see our blindspots and opportunity to grow. We like to express ourselves fully, trust our instincts, and know that other perspectives are massively needed to help us see life beyond our own experience.

If you are seeing anything that we aren’t, or if you have suggestions, please get in touch.