About Us

As We Are is an expression of our own journey. We are wildly passionate about moving beyond society’s stories of right and wrong, about living our unique truth, about community and inclusion, about healing separation, about freedom from limiting beliefs and self criticism, about creating a world with more equity, about all of us having conditions where we can live fully and thrive.

Our personal journeys and our relationship with each other has called us to drop so many stories, to see where identity and inherited beliefs have been holding us back. Whether around gender, age, class, expectations from family or community, even our own stories that no longer serve, we were forced to see how keeping within those false limits was painful. In the end our hearts pulled us forwards, who we are at the deepest level rose up to guide us, and we are feeling more alive, open, in love, creative and inspired than ever!

We want to be with people, in diverse communities, grounded in this human experience that is sometimes gritty, messy, painful and confusing, as much as fully celebrate the beauty, joy, playfulness and abundance that is also here.

We are based in Halifax UK. We can travel to groups and communities that are aligned and with energy to explore this work.

Our core values guide everything we do – find out more and see if they resonate with you here.

This journey to living your unique truth doesn’t require you to believe in anything outside of your reality. Start with where you are. As you are.

We don’t have to make this journey alone. We share the experience of growing up in this crazy society and all that brings. Let’s come together. As we are.

Let’s start a conversation. Get in touch!