We create spaces where everyone and every part of everyone is welcome, where we come together to be as we are – beyond society’s stories of right and wrong, beyond deserve, beyond identity and judgements. As You Are.

Come with your frustration, ideas, fear, joy, confusion, numbness, overwhelm, excitement, numbness, grief, fire, not knowing who you are or where you belong. Bring it all. Lets be together. As We Are.

What we stand for

We are all born into a society built on concepts of deserve, right and wrong, shoulds, reward and punishment. We are taught to doubt and reject ourselves, to only allow certain emotions and reactions, to take on limiting stories of who we are and who we should be.

We want to create radically different conditions for coming together – spaces where we can be fully ourselves, express ourselves, change, be free and explore who we really are. Everything we do is guided by these core values.

Revolution starts with self love, and that is not the end of the story… together we are stronger. We don’t have to do it alone – we can support each other, and act together to create the kind of world we want to live in.

What to expect

Our workshops range from short sessions to multi day events and ‘social detox’ retreats. This generally includes…

  • Intentional spaces to share our stories and hear each other
  • Support to inquire into our inner world and what’s holding us back
  • Practices for moving through judgement and inner criticism
  • Time to reflect, be with ourselves, rest, do nothing
  • Opportunities to get braver with asking for what we want and saying no
  • Expressing our truth through art, words, music or movement
  • Social space to connect, eat, play, create, laugh

We run events open to individuals, and also co-create intentional spaces with existing organisations and communities, specific to their context.

We intentionally design spaces to welcome everyone who wants to explore this work, however they identify themselves, whatever they are bringing. If anything we say or do doesn’t meet you where you are, we want to know.

Is this for you?

This work can be challenging. It invites us to drop all our old stories. It takes us into unknown territory. We might be called to sit in the fire, with discomfort, not knowing what will happen next. We might feel vulnerable. We might need to lean on others to support us.

At the same time, this is a space where you will experience radical acceptance and support. We want you to know you are not stepping into this alone – everything we do is done with deep care, in the spirit of community and interdependence. We come with radical love for ourselves, for our world, for the people and communities we work with. We are enough as we are. We belong.

We want this to be a safe enough space for everyone to be in. We will support each other to go inwards, to see what’s going on, get clearer what we are wanting, understand what’s motivating what we do and say. Holding our own experience and being comfortable with how we are, there’s naturally more space for others to be how they are, and for connection with each other to grow. We will also set boundaries for safety in the space.

If you have questions about any of this, please get in touch.

Find out more

If you are interested to come along to one of these spaces, or if your group or community wants to find out more about exploring this work, get in touch!

We look forward to meeting you. As you are. As we are.